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Hello! My name is Harriet.
I am a food loving 23-year-old living in Adelaide of South Australia. I am a Dietitian (APD) and I write about food, cooking, travel, and other exciting elements which make up my life.
I love food, and I have been very privileged to grow up in a family who shares this love. Our garden at home is dedicated to growing fruit, vegetables and herbs and so I have found myself in constant supply of home made jams and chutneys, preserved fruit and fresh produce.
I am inspired by food in its most natural form. I get excited by a trip to the farmers markets, and I think the best meal you can have is something home-made from ingredients freshly picked out of your backyard or bought locally. I also love ice-cream, peanut butter, and cake. Everything in moderation is the key.
I am a big believer that when it comes to health, nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. Much can be said for the benefits of exercise: it inspires motivation, wellness and strength. The bottom line is: we can all move more.
So…Welcome to my little corner of the world, where I hope to inspire you to live healthily, and smiling 🙂
– Harriet 

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