My guide to healthy snacking

I have finally climbed out from underneath my festive season rock and reached for my laptop. Happy NY! Each year we pledge to eat cleaner, get fitter and all that jazz. So there is plenty of nutritional advice floating about across January. I thought I’d jump on the band wagon and kick of the year by getting back to healthy eating basics.  Eating between meals is something we all do, but often we don’t snack for the right reasons or choose the best snack food. So when is the right time to snack? And amid all the muesli bars, yoghurts, crackers, nuts and packaged fruit snacks, what food choices should we be making?

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5 things we should all be doing at breakfast

DSC_1011We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but our knowledge often doesn’t translate into action after we have snoozed our alarms several times and inevitably find ourselves rushing out the door with a banana (or nothing) in hand. Your breakfast routine can determine how you feel, what you crave and how much you might eat throughout the rest of the day, so I have compiled the top 5 things to do at breakky time to optimise your day.

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Food Review: artificial sweeteners

Sugar has been out of favour for some time now, with people ‘quitting sugar’ left, right and centre and raving about how incredible they feel as a result. The recent release of ‘That Sugar Film’ has no doubt added fuel to the sugarless dieter’s fire,  as it highlights the high sugar content of many food products that are commonly perceived to be healthy. Certainly few of us would argue any health benefits of sugary foods, but do we really need to go cold turkey? And are artificial sweeteners a healthier alternative?

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