Vanilla & honey yoghurt panna cotta

Unlike the traditional panna cotta which is comprised mainly of cream, this version consists mostly of yoghurt. Yoghurt boasts all the nutrients offered in milk, but in condensed form. The average small tub of yoghurt (approx. 200g) contains all the calcium of a 250ml glass of milk. Protein is also utilised to a greater extent when consumed in yoghurt rather than milk, AND yoghurt is a great source of beneficial gut bacteria or probiotics. When selecting your yoghurts make sure you watch out for those containing aBc cultures, which help to restore your gut microflora thereby aiding digestion, immune function and vitamin and mineral synthesis. Our gut microflora can get upset by illness and sometimes lifestyle factors, and we can replenish friendly bacteria by consuming aBc culture-containing yoghurts. This recipe is one delicious way to incorporate more yoghurt into your diet, and it is perfect for dessert on a warm night or even as a healthy breakfast.

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Wholemeal three-cheeses vegimite scrolls

Last weekend I made the trek over to beautiful Kangaroo Island. Time really slows down on the island, and mostly I just spend it reading Harry Potter or taking way too many photos of my dog running on the beach. This time I was determined to make use of my free time by making cheesymite scrolls which I have wanted to make for ages but can never seem to find the time.  These scrolls are made using 100% wholemeal flour, so they have a decent fibre content compared to your typical cheesymite scrolls. Thanks to mum we only ever have the ultimate gourmet style cheeses in our fridge, so naturally I got a bit excited and used three of them, namely Paris Creek Organic and Biodynamic Cheddar, Gouda and Norwegino. I recommend going fairly heavy-handed on the Vegemite for good flavour.
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Baby date and nut loaves

Last Sunday I brunched with two of my lovely dietitian friends. You may currently be envisioning my friends and I squabbling over a lettuce leaf, but in reality sharing brunch with dietitians is the exact opposite. We love our food, and consequently this brunch saw the table overflowing with cupcakes and dip platters. I bought along these delicious baby date and walnut loaves, which we served warm with cinnamon infused ricotta, although for a vegan option it does taste lovely by itself.

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Beetroot and cocoa porridge

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. There are so many delicious, healthy options available to try and porridge is a classic choice. We know that oats are great for us, being high in fibre and in particular soluble fibre (beta-glucan) which fights against cholesterol to reduce our risk of heart disease. Oats are also super versatile, and you can dress them up in so many different ways! This morning I experimented with beetroot and cocoa, and the result tasted exactly like beetroot and chocolate cake. This breakky is a great way to sneak in some extra veg and to reap the benefits of antioxidant-rich beetroot.  Continue reading

The best bircher muesli


Bircher muesli is one of those classic breakfasts which comprises ingredients from almost all of our food groups, making it an excellent start to fuel your day. The best bircher, to me, is a wonderful combination of toasted nuts, seasonal autumn fruits and biodynamic greek style yoghurt. When birchering I tend to use Paris Creek greek yoghurt, which has a lovely natural acidity which balances the richness of toasted nuts. This organic yoghurt also has the added benefit of containing aBc probiotics which help to restore your gut flora.

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