Peanut Butter & Banana Ice-cream

If you are a regular Instagram go-er or food blog follower then you have no doubt heard about the magic of frozen bananas. When blended they produce a creamy and rich ice-cream substitute, thanks to their high pectin content. The humble banana will provide about one quarter of your vitamin C needs, plenty of resistant starch (a food source for friendly gut bacteria), approx. 10% of the average person’s daily potassium requirements AND they are possibly one of the most filling fruits on the market with a low GI ranking of 52. Whizzing one of these up in the food processor makes a delish snack or dessert. I love adding in some peanut butter for a protein boost, which also makes this recipe a good option for a post-workout snack.

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Healthy Banana Fritters

Having fallen in love with the banana fritters I wolfed down at the Adelaide Night Noodle Markets, I felt compelled to make a healthy alternative which I could consume on a daily basis at home. I admit I am using the term ‘fritters’ here rather loosely as these bananas are coated in cinnamon and vanilla extract rather than oil, but they still have that delicious cooked-banana texture and taste even better with a drizzle of honey yoghurt.

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Wholemeal three-cheeses vegimite scrolls

Last weekend I made the trek over to beautiful Kangaroo Island. Time really slows down on the island, and mostly I just spend it reading Harry Potter or taking way too many photos of my dog running on the beach. This time I was determined to make use of my free time by making cheesymite scrolls which I have wanted to make for ages but can never seem to find the time.  These scrolls are made using 100% wholemeal flour, so they have a decent fibre content compared to your typical cheesymite scrolls. Thanks to mum we only ever have the ultimate gourmet style cheeses in our fridge, so naturally I got a bit excited and used three of them, namely Paris Creek Organic and Biodynamic Cheddar, Gouda and Norwegino. I recommend going fairly heavy-handed on the Vegemite for good flavour.
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