Apple and pear crumble cake


The name of the cake says it all! It is an apple and pear crumble in cake form and comprises 90% apples and pears. I love making this cake in autumn when these fruits are at the height of their seasonality, but you can make it at any time with any variety of apples and pears available to you. This cake does need to rest in a fridge to allow it to take form as a cake, but if the tantalising smells from the oven are too tempting you can choose to eat it hot, and it does make a great warming dessert on a cold autumn night!

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The best bircher muesli


Bircher muesli is one of those classic breakfasts which comprises ingredients from almost all of our food groups, making it an excellent start to fuel your day. The best bircher, to me, is a wonderful combination of toasted nuts, seasonal autumn fruits and biodynamic greek style yoghurt. When birchering I tend to use Paris Creek greek yoghurt, which has a lovely natural acidity which balances the richness of toasted nuts. This organic yoghurt also has the added benefit of containing aBc probiotics which help to restore your gut flora.

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Kidney Bean Brownies


I love taking an ordinary healthy food and turning it into something which surprises and intrigues all those who eat it. The humble kidney bean comes from the legume family, from which none of us ever seem to eat enough. This recipe for kidney bean brownies is deliciously nutty tasting and provides a dessert which I can genuinely vouch for as a great healthy snack or sweet treat. The recipe has gone down a treat among my family and friends and I was even recently asked to bake them for a very dear family friend’s wedding. I hope you all enjoy it as much as my family, friends and I have!

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